Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fremen Institute

Fremen institute is an new brand of gear. Been in the works for a while now. Some of yall heard of them. Totally feeling their shit. Met their design team a while bach. Their line is bananaz. Its fresh and Just like Ive been, Im pretty sure you are sick of the all over hoodie craze, that everyone and their mom got on. Same shit different colour. The culture is dying cause we're all bitting nigo or the next label you saw at magic. But these guys are fresh, They seem to have kept away from all the trends in the culture. Chris and his boys are just doing their thing, which is what I like. Really innovative stuff, but dont just believe the hype. you'll be the judge pretty soon. Line drops in January, Yall heard of them here first!. keep yall posted!


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