Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Smelly breifs 1

So Reebok just caught on to the Polka dots like a year after the rest of us caught onto the "japs". Oh they failed at it too. Nike on the other hand went polka squares. Oh and bape's still going insestuous on its self, re inventing the polka dots to the "polka mess". Since clot went clear a while back on the air max 1, nike decide to flip that to the air forces. Nah really nike did this. Not "fape manufacturer and trading", nikeeeee! This is the worst attempt at anything all year. Now you can match it with the even uglier clear hoodie that. Go out looking like a wrapped up sandwich, Stay fresh all day. Wait till the sun comes out and that shit starts stick to your skin and stink. Aint so fresh anymore huh? Nah really the culture's looks like 70s sci fi now, hard to watch. Other than that more all over hoodies. This time from supra. "Anymore of these and this boat will sink" Kinda looks like the kr3w hoodies that TK has been rocking. Personally I think they should stick to the shoes, and they do that well. Again more all overs, this time by kid robot. Its a sad state of affairs and this is where we are headed to.


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