Saturday, October 28, 2006

WTF happen to these boys.

You see i accidentally tripped, fell an landed on my keyboard, and found myself at WTF! is that

I know i shouldnt be posting this up. and no ive got nothing against gays/lesbians e.t.c but....

"What happened to that boy?" I ll tell you what happened to him. he got molested.
i dont care how close too males are. A hand shake, even a hug is cool. but then baby and weezy seen here in a photo embrassing each other, do this like some kinda sopranos inspired shit with their own spin on it. According to young buck this is the norm at the cash money camp. Even turk use to get in on it. Heres some link to what baby had to say on it and what buck had to say on it. Hope this doesnt become another fad. yuck!
"he was talking shit so i put my tongue down his throat."

expect to see the new number one stunna sneakers in pink and with an added 6 inch heel.


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