Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"what You want me to do? I said am sorry"

First things first. Hov came back. Needless to say. The record has it ups and downs. Ive had the record for a week or so. Apparently those of us who got the tracks early off the internet, are short of four tracks that jay recorded some time recently. As for my verdict on what ive heard so far? I think its the kind of record that would grow on you. lyrically he's got swagger and some what sophisticated hiphop... Sophisticated undre pins this Album. Dr dre and just blaze hold down most of his production work. Neptunes, kanye, swizz beats come thru with a host of other producers, Its hard to break it down for yall, but the album is nothing like anything ive heard in a while. I think busta, jay and Nas just brought the east back. Which i believe was Jay's main reason for returning to the game. To open new market for "non-south artist" on the def jam rooster and expand the markets. Funny thing is that he mentions shit that happened recentley during his world tour, dinner with roberto cavalli and his half time spot at the monday night game. That all happened just this month if im I remeber right. Makes me think this ones fresh out the oven. Could be a smart industry experiment. All in all I command you to go buy the album. trust me.


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