Sunday, November 19, 2006

lack of creativity in my opinion

So yall remember when i commented on how weak the creativity in the culture was getting. and how predictable its become. Well I dont hate these guys but, bape is one of the culprits

Exibit a

At first there was

Then there was.

Nigo probably used the software that came with his new digi cam, to change that hue on the first one, and there it was the new "bape exclusive, Busy work shop reopening, Bape taiwan anniversary, nigo got his last wisdom tooth pulled out.... joint" So heres the deal Im gonna introduce a new segment on this blog where ill predict what new joints are gonna drop from some label or another. I'll call it ...... Well ill come up with something. But I think it could be a good idea. A good source of inspiration for these "artist & designers", and the kids can begin to save up for the new joints, a year before they were even thought of. hey more power to the monkey! Frankly only maharishi should be messing with the camo. Everyone else should let it be.


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