Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mickey Factz!

Hes nice but I can already hear the media going "Another skating rapper?" Listen to the mixtape its Fly. Download here


Always seems like Asia is the only one Doing any justice to "the culture". Swagger is one those brands really doing something. Remeber the poncho hoodie that lupe had on performing with kanye. That was fresh, So anyway hypebeast got scans of their Fall/Winter catalog. Check it out!

Monday, October 30, 2006

cassius X pharrell

The french have always been in my opinion the best synth users when it comes to music production. Daft punk, phoenix etc. Anyway if you remeber cassius they've had a pretty good chart record for a while. The hooked up with none other than neptunes frontman. "P". This ought to be interesting considering how well the collabo he did with daftpunk went. Anyway I await the outcome of this one. The neptunes havent been on point of late. Heres a video of them doing a photoshot and bumming in a lounge area, chatting away. LMAO at pharrells explanation of where the word neptunes comes from. Thats too far fetched!

Nissan X Marc ecko

I dont usually like the urban brands. Save a few good ones out there, but I wouldnt rock any of it. Non the less. Anyway I recently came across the 2 cars marc ecko did with nissan. They were kitted out by unique. Pretty sick. Kinda looks like maharishi camo. Speaking of which lupe fisco is in the works to do a Maharishi LR3 land rover. 1/1 in the world. He dropped that on weekly drop a while back. Cant wait to see that. Ill keep yall posted!

Crooks & Assholes

I never really thought much of crook and castles for their lack of originality in their design. Though I like the concept behind their name. Actually since Gay z wore them, I lost interest in the label. Anyway they recently teamed up with diamond supply co. They were suppose to come up with a "Socially consious" tshirt. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? What a fucking gimmick! Sheer lack of taste. Im sorry but this provokes me. Dude on the shirt never got compensated for squat. Who even knows if the photographer got credits or royalties on his work. Fuck that shit! yall aint no different from the african exploiting, diamond companies and rebel lords you call "Diamond crooks". Whats the name of the organisation, to whom all proceeds from the sale of this shirt got to? Isnt everyone doing these photo tees anyway.
via Razor apple

The year of jeans! More like jeans of the year!

Call it homicide when jay killed it for Evisu. Call it double homicide when hiphop at large, killed it for Red monkey. Guess thats why Tbone came up with Year of after Red Monkey. These guys are fuckin crazy! Hottest pair of fucking jeans ive seen in a while. lets hope it doesnt turn into a genocide any time soon. "Please dont wear these in your videos, it kills it for some of us you know." Via DBTHB


The web 2.0 revolution brought lots of great ideas, Google maps, Myspace, youtube, flickr and Blogging, to name a few. I prefer the latter of all of them. Anyway dontbelievethehypebeast is one of those great blogs to come up in recent times. Their concept seems like a parody of one of the heavy weights in the game of "streetwear" blogging. These dudes tell it like it is. They got wit and are opinionated which is what I look for in a good blog, considering all the the dick riding/fence sitting bloggers we got out there. Worth a look people.

P.S. Im not sure if Its they/him/her.

Reigning Supreme!

Big mag has scans from supreme 2006 autumn & winter collection book. Pretty sick! I always liked their clean, retro look. One of the last remaining original street wear labels. The photography is amazing. These guys really got their shit on point.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

common wealth update!

Im always checking out common wealth cause they "stay fresh to date". They got the new undefeated line which I thought was aite. Some decent cuts but overall just a 6.5 from me. I dont like the all over thing any bit, especially when theres no justice done to it. Then again they are more serious on their retail game. On the other hand ten deep came thru heavy this season is bananaz and they always got somin totally new, like the picuture you see here. Ten deep is coming up fast. The new era joint is crazy. Whats funny is that this shit cost so much less than BBC yet looks so much better.


NO Not the 23. Its jackson and hes teaming up with Non other than Will i am and teddy riely. They've been working at a studio in ireland. Micheal left the 2 seas record label that he was expected to come out on. He'll be dropping in 07. They got a special interview with him on access hollywood on nov 2.

heres the preview

Gwen and pharrell - Wind it up

Gwen and p willy are back at it again Working on her new album. Pharrell gets to do a couple of new beats for her. Second time ive ever heard him sample. (yeah am a startraker) Anyway, he spliced the sound of music up. crazy huh?. Now i dont listen to this stuff i just hear it... Heres the video of the making of, and heres download for the snippet.


The hundereds got some really fresh pictures of the year of jeans line. I like red monkeys and shit but i ve got to tell you. Year of are the guys to whatch. even though they are one and the same person (t bone) form what i heard. I like the work they've done with little brooklyn at the back. This is demin wear at its finest. believe the hype!
Oh they got a crazy website too. check it out!

WTF happen to these boys.

You see i accidentally tripped, fell an landed on my keyboard, and found myself at hipandpop.com. WTF! is that

I know i shouldnt be posting this up. and no ive got nothing against gays/lesbians e.t.c but....

"What happened to that boy?" I ll tell you what happened to him. he got molested.
i dont care how close too males are. A hand shake, even a hug is cool. but then baby and weezy seen here in a photo embrassing each other, do this like some kinda sopranos inspired shit with their own spin on it. According to young buck this is the norm at the cash money camp. Even turk use to get in on it. Heres some link to what baby had to say on it and what buck had to say on it. Hope this doesnt become another fad. yuck!
"he was talking shit so i put my tongue down his throat."

expect to see the new number one stunna sneakers in pink and with an added 6 inch heel.


For anyone who loves cars like i do. The work on that phantom was sacreligious but still fly for shock value, but then he went and did it again. I'de like to know goes through his mind. This guy painted a 1,250,000 dollar bugatti veyron, which is one of the most exclusive cars, in pink camo. The monkey has gone Bananaz! But i can't hate on nigo. You never know what to expect from him


Nigo's at it again. Seen this at the arkunited section of ctothejl. If it is true then this is somin i didnt expect from bape. I gotta admit its kinda fresh when zipped to the top, but i dont know how its gonna look open. I sense somins not right with it. The craftmanship is a bit off. kinda looks like a fape. *laughs*. You be the judge. check it out at arkunited They got more pics there.

Fremen Institute

Fremen institute is an new brand of gear. Been in the works for a while now. Some of yall heard of them. Totally feeling their shit. Met their design team a while bach. Their line is bananaz. Its fresh and Just like Ive been, Im pretty sure you are sick of the all over hoodie craze, that everyone and their mom got on. Same shit different colour. The culture is dying cause we're all bitting nigo or the next label you saw at magic. But these guys are fresh, They seem to have kept away from all the trends in the culture. Chris and his boys are just doing their thing, which is what I like. Really innovative stuff, but dont just believe the hype. you'll be the judge pretty soon. Line drops in January, Yall heard of them here first!. keep yall posted!