Saturday, November 25, 2006


I thought this was a very innovative product. Never seen anything like it. Needless to say its gonna be duplicated by other labels in no time, but for now its one of the most original things I've seen all year. The box set comes with on right side shoe and 3 left sided shoes to choose from. Only thing is that the right one might look more worn out than the rest in time. The brand is called tretorn. Check them out.
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Thursday, November 23, 2006


Tuesday, November 21, 2006


This is one of those new skool classic kicks. I like the clean cuts and lines. Along with the roadstas from bape, these shoes are as classic in design as the airforce 1s, adidas shell toes, dunks, air 180s. Ive always thought gravis is the new leader in shoe design. nike better watch out!

This shit's ugly

Save maybe the new duffel bags and radio bandanas. This entire collections sucks. WTF is this. Remember how crazy the very first items were. The denim cap and old logo were pretty fly. I cant tell what the whole concept behind this brand is anyway. For 92 bucks you get some flamingo and cheap italic font downloaded from


Nuff said! These things look crazy. I like how the slb logo goes beneath the pockets. Oh and look at the green and red. All they need to do now, is do that one in solid black...
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Plain gravy did the "pharrell cant skate shirt". That was funny, even thought I dont agree with the message because even though he cant do some trick or another he's got money america paying attention to the culture and allowing more kids to earn some cake off skating. But I like the humor. Not sure if Plain gravy did this next joint, but its just as funny. Lupe by the way, does the same for the culture as does pharrell

Monday, November 20, 2006


So these guys over at swiss minigun crafted a mini revolver. As seen in the picture. This thing could get past airport security, passing off as a key holder. Painstakingly crafted using watchmaking technology, this thing actually works and will kill if aimed at vital organs. (Specs via gizmodo) American press has already been buzzing about this, forcing the maker of this masterpiece to close down the product website

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Thanks to my brother and his girl, who waited 20 hours in snowy weather. For me to play this here. lol. Please believe the hype. Its a monster. really is. This shit is crazy. Had it hooked up to web, browsing youtube and shit. Tried "call of duty" on it. "OMG" I have never seen anything like this. ever! The game was bananas. I dont have words to discribe this. 1/100 in the city. Oh and the wii and xbox aint got shit on it. period!

Oh and Yall know my address right? Ill be strapped too! lol.

lack of creativity in my opinion

So yall remember when i commented on how weak the creativity in the culture was getting. and how predictable its become. Well I dont hate these guys but, bape is one of the culprits

Exibit a

At first there was

Then there was.

Nigo probably used the software that came with his new digi cam, to change that hue on the first one, and there it was the new "bape exclusive, Busy work shop reopening, Bape taiwan anniversary, nigo got his last wisdom tooth pulled out.... joint" So heres the deal Im gonna introduce a new segment on this blog where ill predict what new joints are gonna drop from some label or another. I'll call it ...... Well ill come up with something. But I think it could be a good idea. A good source of inspiration for these "artist & designers", and the kids can begin to save up for the new joints, a year before they were even thought of. hey more power to the monkey! Frankly only maharishi should be messing with the camo. Everyone else should let it be.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

stupid is smart!

"what You want me to do? I said am sorry"

First things first. Hov came back. Needless to say. The record has it ups and downs. Ive had the record for a week or so. Apparently those of us who got the tracks early off the internet, are short of four tracks that jay recorded some time recently. As for my verdict on what ive heard so far? I think its the kind of record that would grow on you. lyrically he's got swagger and some what sophisticated hiphop... Sophisticated undre pins this Album. Dr dre and just blaze hold down most of his production work. Neptunes, kanye, swizz beats come thru with a host of other producers, Its hard to break it down for yall, but the album is nothing like anything ive heard in a while. I think busta, jay and Nas just brought the east back. Which i believe was Jay's main reason for returning to the game. To open new market for "non-south artist" on the def jam rooster and expand the markets. Funny thing is that he mentions shit that happened recentley during his world tour, dinner with roberto cavalli and his half time spot at the monday night game. That all happened just this month if im I remeber right. Makes me think this ones fresh out the oven. Could be a smart industry experiment. All in all I command you to go buy the album. trust me.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This is one of the most amazing video links ive ever seen

Just have a look. This shit blew my mind! oh and watch it a second time with your eyes closed

Sunday, November 12, 2006

You've got to be kidding me!


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Nike dunk destroyers

Not big on dunks but the detail on the jackets that go with them is pretty sick.

Yeah so you all know Frank miller. The dude brought you The graphic novel series "Sin city". I cant wait for Sin city 2. Anyway Heres more of his work adapted for the big screen This time based on his graphic novel 300 based on The 300 spartan soliders who waged war against a massive persian army. This ones gonna be big trust me. The cinematorgraphy alone is rediculous. This is that movie thats pushing the envelope. Trailer here

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Smelly breifs 1

So Reebok just caught on to the Polka dots like a year after the rest of us caught onto the "japs". Oh they failed at it too. Nike on the other hand went polka squares. Oh and bape's still going insestuous on its self, re inventing the polka dots to the "polka mess". Since clot went clear a while back on the air max 1, nike decide to flip that to the air forces. Nah really nike did this. Not "fape manufacturer and trading", nikeeeee! This is the worst attempt at anything all year. Now you can match it with the even uglier clear hoodie that. Go out looking like a wrapped up sandwich, Stay fresh all day. Wait till the sun comes out and that shit starts stick to your skin and stink. Aint so fresh anymore huh? Nah really the culture's looks like 70s sci fi now, hard to watch. Other than that more all over hoodies. This time from supra. "Anymore of these and this boat will sink" Kinda looks like the kr3w hoodies that TK has been rocking. Personally I think they should stick to the shoes, and they do that well. Again more all overs, this time by kid robot. Its a sad state of affairs and this is where we are headed to.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ice cream huh?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wonder what video I'll be rocking today.

Philips is definatley gonna heat things up with this one. Their light emitting fabrics allow for images or video to be projected off the surface of a tee shirt or furniture made of their patented technology. Just imaging the possibilites. This ones gonna shake things up. Trust! heres the video "geek alert!"